July 28, 2015


All Albums Recorded by Reuben Kigame so far..

(The ones with pictures are available for purchase online)

  1. What a Mighty God we Have
  2. No Setting Sun
  3. The end of Time
  4. Another Country
  5. Amani Moyoni (Swahili Hymns)
  6. Wastahili Bwana
  7. Worthy Is The Lamb
  8. Praise Across Kenya
  9. Come with Me
  10. Ombi Langu
  11. Never Alone
  12. Unyite na Guoko
  13. Hamba Khu Yesu (colab with Douglas Jiveti)
  14. Ariho Yesu (colab with Douglas Jiveti)
  15. Yesu Ari Muoyo (colab with Douglas Jiveti)
  16. God’s Reggae (colab with Douglas Jiveti)
  17. Instrumental Favourites
  18. Tulia (Swahili worship)
  19. Njoo Sasa (Collab with Tanzania’s Modest Morgan)
  20. Raw Emotions (Reuben’s latest release)
  21. Nitakuabudu – Julie Kigame
Coming Soon!
  • Human Like You – Shekinah Kigame
  • The Early Years – Reuben Kigame
  • Christmas with Reuben Kigame
  • In Your Presence – Reuben Kigame and Mercy Masika
  • Ibada Yangu – Reuben Kigame and Christina Shusho
  • The Youth Project – Reuben Kigame and His Young Friends
Are you a musician? You can record your own music in Kenya in our studios.

Read some of Reuben’s meditations and views on worship and music. The documents on this page are taken from some of Reuben’s essays and several unpublished works.

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Send any comments or questions directly to Reuben by emailing him on info@reubenkigame.com or kigame@fishkenya.net